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About us

Get to know the history of our company

In 2002 the small production of hand-pressed hay started due to surpluses from our extensive garden. In 2008, manual production for a number of orders was not enough, so we decided to create business association. Here is probably necessary to say who is "we". That is me - Jaroslav Pospíšil and my brother Luděk. In order to satisfy the requirements of all our customers, it was necessary to buy a hay pressing machine, which is able to produce much more packages than by hand-pressing. According to higher number of orders and time consuming trips connected with delivering products we were forced to accept employees. From 2011, production moved to old agriculture building which was reconstructed and adjusted to our needs. Above the ground floor where is the machine and warehouse, there is the large attic where can be in the best conditions storage all hay needed for production. Due to the increasing demand for our products, we are forced to constantly renovate production facilities and build new halls.

Our goal is the highest quality and affordability for all customers.

Our products

Get to know our home products

Wood bedding

We offer the finest wooden bedding made of softwood that has excellent absorbency and minimal dustiness.

Hemp bedding

Hemp beddings are made of the finest technical hemp. They have antibacterial effects, minimal dustiness and excellent absorbency.


Vegetables, fruit or flower mixtures are the best supplement for your pets.


Our hay comes from the finest meadows of the Železné hory and is distinguished by the high content of various herbs and flowers beneficial to your pet.